Understanding suicide

End of a majestic life

Posted by kvdl on January 16, 2009

A few nights ago I had a two hour drive through the moonlit Irish countryside on the way to work.This drive is my regular time out ,some ambient music and time to reflect.
As i negotiated the winding roads I remembered a friend who had died on the roadside a few months earlier. I pondered on the waste of her troubled young life and other people I had lost to suicide. Unexpectedly I came across a fox injured sitting in the middle of the road. Unable to move he sat there majestic facing whatever would come. Around here a fox is considered vermin and is hunted and despised.With humans his only adversary ,he cunningly outwits them to survive.As he was severely injured I turned the car with the horrible feeling that I would have to end his suffering. As I stopped he peacefully lay his head on the ground like a pet dog relaxing near the fire, took a few last sleepy breaths and died. I have always been an animal lover but this few seconds with me, the fox, a lonely road with only the moon as a witness, touched me deeply. To me the worst part of suicide is the loneliness of dying this way . A magestic person finally giving up an overwhelming struggle, to die alone,unattended and then become a statistic or just another piece of roadkill.


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