Understanding suicide

For those who died,for those who live and those who lost.

Posted by kvdl on October 29, 2008

Why would anyone choose  to write a blog about suicide? Why not write about happy families, music or fun stuff, You might be wondering, what is this guys angle, whats he trying to sell. Maybe the guy is just weird! 

Maybe I am,but my motives are genuine ,I work in the field and can see how simple openness around suicide can make such a difference. You can get into all kinds of psychology ,protective factors,risk factors but at the end of the day I am dealing with people who hurt. All the education in the world would not help one bit without the simple communication between two ordinary human beings.

Wanting to die is a painful place ,losing someone to suicide is a painful place. I have been in both places and have shared the pain of others who were in these places. When i am listening to someone in pain my key position is to accept the invitation into their world rather than make them fit into mine. If some one invites you into their house you dont start rearanging the furniture to your taste but if they asked you to help them move the couch to a better place you would. This is a simple analogy to a genuine simple that i bring it into all my relationships. it is only on these terms that people can truly connect. If everyone adopted this attitude so much could change not just in relation to suicide but all our encounters.

On a lighter note I remember in training, a rudimentary animation about mr. square meeting Mr. round. they are both meeting from their own worlds unlike my analogy, they have to round off the others corners and straighten the others corners ,so what we end up with is two squares with rounded corners talking to each other.


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